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Welcome to the NexGenLead,
a participant-driven leadership program,
made for you, by you. 

The first edition of NexGenlead took place from the 31st of October to the 21st of November 2020. The program is therefore over.

However, all resources will remain available online, so feel free to have a look in the resources bar in your left, or to navigate the menu in the top to discover the program.

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The NexGenLead was a 3-week journey, exploring the topics of sustainability & leadership from an intercultural and intracultural perspective. We are living in highly uncertain times that challenge the status quo and require new ideas & alliances for a more just and sustainable tomorrow. As students, stewarding towards this future lies in our hands & we are invited to step together to explore what this future leadership looks like. At NexGenLead, we discover the necessary capacities & start practicing them as we move. 

NexGenLead is organized by oikos International and swissnex Brazil, enabled by Movetia. The program aims to start a dialogue on leadership & sustainability between students from all over the world, while setting the ground to practice responsible leadership competencies and, finally, take ownership looking at the case of higher education.

Participants could arrange most of their activities to fit their schedule and to tailor their own experience, including: 

  • learning from leadership stories from all over the world;
  • exchanging and reflecting together with local peers; 
  • joining networking events to connect to an international community;
  • training and practing facilitation skills; and
    getting guidance to reflect on their own education.

By exchanging different local perspectives and listening to stories from leaders from all over the world, acquire the fundamental knowledge, vision, will and tools that can guide you in your responsible leadership journey.

The program is free and we work towards making the content accessible in multiple languages. Nevertheless, an intermediate speaking and understanding in English (B2) is helpful.