About NexGenLead

Welcome to NexGenLead, a participant-driven leadership program that is made for you, by you.

You are about to embark on a 3-week journey, exploring the topics of sustainability & leadership from an intercultural and intracultural perspective. We are living in highly uncertain times that challenge the status quo and require new ideas & alliances for a more just and sustainable tomorrow. As students, stewarding towards this future lies in our hands & we are invited to step together to explore what this future leadership looks like. At NexGenLead, we discover the necessary capacities & start practicing them as we move.

This program is organized by oikos International in partnership with swissnex Brazil, enabled by Movetia. 

Those organizations have global and diverse communities and the commun goal of creating cross-cultural dialogues. It became evident that they could complement each other: while swissnex helps to understand the latest innovations and promotes new collaborations, oikos empowers students to deal with the effects of innovations and of social, environmental & economic changes. With this synergy, outer knowledge connects to inner development.

Do you have any questions about NexGenLead? Check out the FAQ here.

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