Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the ideal working/study hours I need to contribute for the NexGenLead?

2-4 hours per week of local hubs activities. We recommend to also take part of the networking activities: NGL café, NGl parties, Ooops nights,…

2. What are the eligibility criteria to participate in the NexGenLead?

You don’t need to be enrolled at a university, but you need to join a local hub. You can use the searching tool to find a local hub or we can help you find a local hub.

3. I don’t have a local hub. Can I still participate in NexGenLead ?

You need to be affiliated to a local hub to participate in the activities. Use the searching tool to find a local hub or we can help you find a local hub.

4. Are we getting any certificate in the end?

Yes, each participant will receive a certificate at the end of the program. A great way for you to show your network that you learned about sustainability and developed your responsible leadership skills.

5. How much does this program cost?

Nexgenlead’s program is certified and entirely free! It is an amazing opportunity to learn how to become a responsible leader, we hope you will join us.

6. Is English an official language of the Program?

English is the language we use to communicate about the program, but we created local hubs to be inclusive and open the program to non-english speakers. A lot of the discussions can be done in your native language during your local hubs sessions.

7.  How can this program benefit me?

NexGenLead will help you become a responsible leader and you will learn a lot about sustainability and leadership. You will get experience from responsible leaders from various fields and with your local hub, you will be able to exchange and grow. Additionally you will learn from the other local hubs and see their own perspectives coming from other countries. And last but not the least; you will get a certification. 

8. Is it mandatory to conduct interviews to participate to NexGenLead?

Interviews program is an amazing way to co-create the program, however if you missed the deadline and were not able to be a part of it, no worries, you can still participate to the program starting on October 31st.

9. What is the ideal local hub size?

The maximum size for one group is 7 people! If you are more than 7, don’t worry we can make 2 groups. If your local hub is currently small try to gather more people to grow the local hub to a higher number! This will allow more interesting exchange and diverse points of views within the group.
You can talk to your friends and schoolmates and see if they are interested to join your local hub!

10.  Which online platforms are we using to communicate?

We will be using Zoom for the video conferences parts and discord to exchange. 
Discord will have separate channels divided by region and languages, so feel free to join a german, french or portuguese discord channel and discuss with other people from your local hub or from other local hubs.

11.  What is the deadline for the registration?

You can register up until the opening ceremony which will happen on October 31st!

Is there a question left unanswered? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!