Learning Frame: The CARL

The learning frame we use to explore the competencies of responsible leaders is called CARL: The Competency Assessment for Responsible Leadership. We use this framework to outline the thematic focuses of the weeks – and to allow you to self-assess your capacities through a short online test. CARL offers a transversal and multidisciplinary methodology. It allows participants from all backgrounds to acknowledge their responsible leadership competencies, focus on their most relevant competencies for improvement, and bring it to the discussions at their local level. The important thing is that the result shouldn’t be seen as a grade or ranking scale, but is meant to showcase your strengths and room for improvement. Of course, there will be a general certificate at the end of the program that elaborates on your participation.

CARL describes 5 main leadership competencies of responsible leaders:

Self-awareness Stakeholders Relations Systems Understanding Ethics and Values Change and Innovation
Knowing yourself and understanding the importance of reflection. Learning from mistakes. Sharing your developmental challenges Identifying and integrating stakeholder groups. Dealing with conflicting interests and finding consensus. Appreciating the positive in diversity. Understanding systems and their interdependencies. Seeing the big picture. Working across boundaries. Defending long term perspectives Knowing your values and what’s right and wrong. Acting according to ethics and values. Being honest, fair, and responsible Understanding the drivers and enablers of innovation. Acting to bring about change.  Being open, curious, courageous and adaptable.


There are 3 action domains  that help to integrate these competencies:


self-observation & reflection


revisiting knowledge & belief systems


igniting changes in lifestyles & environments


Please find here more information about CARL: The Competency Assessment for Responsible Leadership.