Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony will be the official kick off event of the program. Be ready for some inspiring keynotes, intriguing questions, more details on what it means to become a NexGenLead and a better understanding of the purpose of the program, the methodologies and the tools used. Everything will also be documented to offer participants the support they need at any time. We will introduce to the participants the idea behind NexGenLead and explaining how the event will be organized:

  • the calendar
  • the communication channels
  • the outcomes expected: self-growth, skills learned and certification.

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Interviews are the main content of all the Program. Prior to the event, motivated students will arrange interviews (in English or in their native language) with inspiring leaders to share their personal and professional experience on a topic related to responsible leadership and sustainability. The format should be a 15-minute interview, which can be an informal or formal discussion, with or without editing. Ps:the interviewers will receive training to guide their interview process!  With everyone’s input, during the first two weeks of the NexGenLead, we will be able to discover interesting stories from all parts of the globe, acknowledge local perspectives and provide interesting reflections for the community on these topics. 

Webinar on Facilitation - focus on Leadership Practice


The NexGenLead is a program that thrives in co-creation with you, the participants. We learn together & shape the space as we move into this experience. This is your first time entering such a space? You never asked questions about leadership or facilitated spaces? No worries, we won’t let you down.  In the end, we’re all beginners. For our common preparation, there will be a webinar that elaborates the ways of learning & practicing we propose and gives you some hands-on tools for facilitating and working in the local hubs.



CARL: The Competency Assessment for Responsible Leadership (K. Muff, A. Liechti & T. Dyllick)  is our framework for structuring the content of the reflections and conversations over the 3 program weeks. Taking the short self-assessment is a playful way to start thinking about your understanding of responsible leadership and can help you to spot potential areas of development. Learn more about the research behind & take the test here! In the end of the NexGenLead program, you might want to take the CARL assessment again and see how you feel about the competencies now, how have you evolved and what you have learned.

Local Hubs


To experience the NexGenLead participants will be divided into local hubs! Together with other learners from your region, you will have the chance to gather around personal and professional stories on responsible leadership & sustainability to dialogue about these topics, reflect on your learnings in written and verbal formats and exchange your perspectives. In the third week, with your hub  you will also practice the competencies of the first two weeks through an exercise on education. How will the groups come together? Who will facilitate the group? What’s the purpose and time commitment? Learn more here!