Week 1

The first week will be focused on “being”, linking to the competencies identified in CARL (see program methodology). It aims to prepare the participants, by exploring the self, leading to deep dialogues regarding their perceptions of the necessary attitudes for responsible leadership & sustainability. In this way, participants, divided in local hubs, will have the opportunity to gather around personal stories shared in the interviews on responsible leadership & sustainability attitudes and to reflect and dialogue about these topics.

NexGenLead Connect

The NexGenLead Connect sessions are the informal, cocreative spaces where you meet after the official work is done. Here, we get to know each other on a more personal, fun level and exchange about topics like culture, hobbies and other things. Everyone is welcome in this safe space! The session will take place twice in week 1.


Tuesday, 3rd of November at 7pm CET

Thursday, 5th of November at 10 pm CET

Local Hub


A Local Hub is a place to come together (virtually or on-site), where participants will gather to discuss the interviews, exchange their thoughts, and create a community of responsible leaders.

Each Local Hub can, after their discussion, share their most relevant learnings with other Local Hubs at our online platform and at NexGenLead Café. 

NexGenLead Café


The NexGenLead Café is a space to exchange & connect beyond the borders of local hubs. Here, the community comes together to exchange their perspectives on the topics of the week. You will have the chance to both meet the big group in a circle and meet new people from all over the world in smaller breakout sessions. No preparation needed, just show up as you are! The session will take place twice in all weeks.