Week 3


Does your university prepare you to become a responsible leader? 

What needs to be done so universities can integrate these learnings in their courses? 

How can we achieve an education that fosters the competencies needed to lead responsibly towards sustainability?

After the Being and the Knowing, the third week leads you to Doing! This week aims to make you practice the competencies explored during the two first two weeks, while reflecting on if your university prepares you to be a Responsible Leader and what can be done to take ownership of your education, integrating these learning into your courses. Through inspirational stories, workshops, case studies, role-plays simulations and other diverse activities, you will reflect on how to shape your education and practice Responsible Leadership towards sustainability.

OUUUPS spaces

What is a topic you don’t want to talk about? The OUUUPS spaces invite you to share your worst moments and most shameful experiences and – by doing so – exploring that we actually share them with more people than we imagine. We take the utmost care that this is a safe, respectful space for sharing and being brave together in small circles. The session will take place twice in week 2 and week 3.

Local Hub


A Local Hub is a place to come together (virtually or on-site), where participants will gather to discuss the interviews, exchange their thoughts, and create a community of responsible leaders.

Each Local Hub can, after their discussion, share their most relevant learnings with other Local Hubs at our online platform and at NexGenLead Café.

NexGenLead Café


The NexGenLead Café is a space to exchange & connect beyond the borders of local hubs. Here, the community comes together to exchange their perspectives on the topics of the week. You will have the chance to both meet the big group in a circle and meet new people from all over the world in smaller breakout sessions. No preparation needed, just show up as you are! The session will take place twice in all weeks.

Closing Ceremony

In our closing ceremony, we come together to wrap up the program, share our learnings and reflect on how we want to move ahead. What is alive, what do we want to take forward from this experience?

Date: Saturday, 21st of November  2020 

At: San Francisco 5am; Brasilia 10am ; Bern 2pm; Baku 5pm; New Delhi 6.30pm, Beijing 9pm.

ZOOM Party

Don’t forget to celebrate! After these intense 3 weeks, we’d like to invite you to a zoom party. Be prepared to dance on the digital dancefloor – or just chill out in the virtual kitchen for some last conversations before we adjourn.